The Daniela Dwyer Foundation

Daniela Dwyer

1988 – 2022

Daniela’s Story

Daniela was a beautiful partner, daughter and sister. In April 2021 Daniela, or Dee as she was affectionately called, was diagnosed with brain cancer. She was just 33 and tragically lost her battle only 11 months later.  

Dee has become our inspiration for establishing The Daniela Dwyer Foundation. Her struggle with brain cancer is our motivation for wanting to make a meaningful change in the diagnosis and treatment of all brain cancer sufferers.

Help us reach our target

$91,635 raised out of $150,000 goal62%

Our Mission

In 2022, the Daniela Dwyer Foundation was established with a mission to raise funds for brain cancer research, treatment, and support services. The goal of this research is to improve diagnosis and treatment options for patients with brain cancer and encourage early intervention to save lives.

High mortality rate

Brain cancer kills more Australians under 40 than any other cancer. Brain cancer also kills more children than any other disease

Lack of research

Brain cancer survival rates have increased by only 1% in the last 30 years

Lack of funding

Brain cancer receives less than 5% of Federal Government cancer research funding

Current Projects

Our first phase of fund raising is dedicated to Professor Rao and her research team conducting a non-invasive clinical trial. With $150,000 of funding, the Lab can establish their liquid biopsy blood test and drug screening platforms, making the leap from testing in the research laboratory to real-world application. 

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