About The Foundation

Who we are

Daniela had a mighty will and a strong character, with a natural ability to lead, help and mentor others. She would have wanted to do everything in her power to turn her battle into making a positive change for other brain cancer sufferers.
In her memory, we have established The Daniela Dwyer Foundation to raise critical and much needed funding for research into brain cancer diagnosis and treatment. We want to help put an end to brain cancer as a terminal illness. Daniela fought this insidious disease strongly and with remarkable courage. We owe it to her, and every other sufferer of brain cancer, to do everything we can to make a meaningful change to their lives, and in their honour.

What we do

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The Daniela Dwyer Foundation is a not-for-profit, medical charity that provides funding and support to programs and organisations in the fields of medical research, treatment, and support services for brain cancers.

The Foundation’s objectives encompass healthcare by promoting the prevention or control of diseases in human beings in several ways:

• Supporting medical research into the improvement of diagnostic technologies and the development of treatments or cures for brain cancer.

• Funding the provision of diagnostic and treatment apparatus for use in research laboratories, hospitals and treatment centres.

• Assisting organisations that provide public information about, and assistance to, those with brain cancer. This may be through providing equipment to help the relief of people who are suffering from brain cancer.

• Contributing to the practice of medicine, and to those studying medicine, by supporting the training of medical professionals regarding the improved diagnosis, treatment and management of brain cancers.

The Daniela Dwyer Foundation is committed to saving lives by improving the treatment process and disease outcomes for brain cancer patients.

The Daniela Dwyer Foundation is a company limited by guarantee. It is recognised as a Health Promotion Charity by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission as well as a tax-free not-for-profit charity and a deductible gift recipient (DGR) with the Australian Taxation Office.

How we are making a difference

Our motivation comes from the exciting research options that are happening right now in Australia.  Following Daniela’s diagnosis, we began working closely with Professor Sudha Rao at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and committed to supporting her research into liquid biopsy testing. 
In 2024 we launched the Daniela Dwyer Fellowship as our primary means of supporting this much needed research. The Fellowship can be applied for by any Australian researcher, conducting research into any area of brain cancer diagnosis or treatment. It is our hope to grow the Fellowship in coming years and increase its financial value and the frequency in which it can be awarded.