Quiz Night Success

We are excited to report that on Saturday 22nd July  our very first public fundraising event was held with the incredible team at S30 Mt Lawley hosting a quiz night.

The event was a huge success! We hosted over 120 people for a night of fun, prizes and of course some “very serious” competition. Thanks to everyone’s support, we were able to raise a total of $15,000 that will go towards funding our phase one project to bring about urgently needed advances in the diagnosis and treatment of brain cancers.

Sadly, brain cancer research seems to be lagging behind. While many other cancers have seen big advancements in recent years, no meaningful advancements in technology, treatments, or patient outcomes have been seen in brain cancer for 30 years! We aim to improve that as quickly as possible.  This is why funding for brain cancer research is so important.

We would like to thank the awesome owners of S30 Mt Lawley, Mia Brankov and Marc Fury, as well as all our wonderful sponsors who donated prizes, and the crew of volunteers who donated their time and hard work to ensure the night went off without a hitch:

  • S30 Mt Lawley
  • Encanta Event Management
  • Top Gun Charters
  • Bramis
  • State Buildings
  • Clear Mind Studio
  • New Move
  • Ampersand
  • Lucky Shag
  • Clandestine
  • DK Makeup Artistry
  • Arch
  • Soulsbys
  • Avalanche Cocktails
  • Department
  • Blinc Blonde
  • Lululemon
  • Skin Rejuvenate
  • KX Pilates
  • LSKD
  • On Form Physio
  • Optus Stadium
  • Gage Roads
  • Feral Brewing
  • Haiver
  • Symmetry Group

Without the generous support of people like these it would simply not be possible to hold events like this, so thank you!

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Thank you for your continued support of the Daniela Dwyer Foundation.