Inaugural Fellowship awarded to Professor Sudha Rao

The Daniela Dwyer Foundation is very proud to announce we are partnering with Professor Sudha Rao and her research team at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute to assist in bringing their cutting-edge cancer diagnostic and treatment techniques to patients.

Professor Rao has been selected as the recipient of the inaugural Daniela Dwyer Fellowship for her work in pioneering a novel AI based, non-invasive liquid biopsy testing technology that can predict the characteristics of a patient’s circulating tumour cells and how responsive they may be to therapeutics.

Oncologists often do not know what drugs (such as chemotherapy, or immunotherapy) will be most effective for a particular patient. Professor Rao’s testing technology can quickly show how a patient is likely to respond to multiple treatment options and also how a patient is responding to their current treatment, enabling an adjustment or change to the treatment to maximize its effectiveness. We hope that earlier intervention and much faster evaluation of treatment options will lead to a higher possibility of a positive outcome for patients.

Dee’s story highlights the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the best outcome for patients with brain cancer. By awarding the inaugural Fellowship to Professor Rao we hope to assist in bringing her cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment techniques to patients in the very near future. Professor Rao’s techniques have the potential to revolutionise brain cancer treatment world-wide. It is our joint vision that this technology will soon become a routine part of clinical practice for brain cancer patients.

Read more about Professor Rao’s cutting edge research HERE.