DDF announced as recipient of Qantas Side By Side grant

We are thrilled to announce that DDF has been selected as a recipient of a Qantas Side by Side Grant.

Since 1920, when Qantas was founded in outback Queensland, they been supporting Australian communities. The Qantas Side by Side Grants Program is designed to give Qantas employees a choice in the charities and community groups that Qantas supports.

Thanks to our long-time supporter, and Qantas Pilot, Brendan Scoble, DDF was nominated for and subsequently awarded a grant of $10,000 to support our work. This grant will be put towards funding a Daniela Dwyer Fellowship, which is used to fund vital research and advancements in the early detection and intervention of brain cancer.

A huge thank you to Brendan and to Qantas for their support.